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XP-Pen Drawing Pad Tablet UK Store offers lots of treats with its Halloween Limited time deals of up

Calendar 24 oct. 19  | par Maman

The nights are drawing longer and the cold is starting to set in. Pumpkins are waiting to be carved, ghosts are haunting, zombies are creeping, witches are flying, and vampires are rising.

Halloween is around the corner!!! Are you ready for it? What's your ultimate go-to costume?

Looking for the best drawing tablet Halloween gift for digital artists ? Then you've come to the right place.

A pen display or graphics tablet is a great way to introduce people who love to draw to the world of digital art without breaking the bank.

Drawing tablet devices have proven to be big hits with digital artists . pen display is highly intuitive thanks to their screens, so the learning curve is gentle. Many of the best drawing tablets for digital artists are also made out of rugged materials that can survive knocks and bumps . Bear in mind that there are a few different types of drawing tablets for digital artists :

Pen display tablets: Come with a built-in screen monitor with a pressure-sensitive surface that you draw on with a stylus .

Graphics tablets: These plug into a computer – kids draw and paint on the surface, and the image is shown on the monitor of your computer .

XP-Pen UK official Store Halloween deals activity

Black Friday 2019 isn't here yet, but you can find Cheap deals out there on creative tech to enjoy if you look hard enough.

If the graphics tablets sales prices don't fit your budget but you're looking for a Wacom alternative, XP-Pen would be a best choice .XP-Pen is a brand Famous for offers inexpensive yet good drawing tablet .

XP-Pen is offering some ghoulishly great deals to celebrate Halloween. There's no need to wait for Black Friday 2019 or Cyber Monday 2019, as there are price cuts of up to 30% off certain devices.

There are various deals on XP-Pen UK official Store with discounts of 20%, 23%, 26% and 30% off selected items. XP-Pen UK Store Halloween deals activity page - . people from other regions can get more information from change the country choose Option from the website .

The deals run from October 23 to midnight on November 1, and all of the deals will be applied at the checkout when you buy, not require the deals codes.

you don’t need to choose between trick or treat. With handy Halloween voucher codes, you won't miss a trick as you treat yourself, saving money as you enjoy a spooky splurge! Pick up your tricks and treats at a discounted rate this Halloween and make the most of these spook-tacular deals.

Acting as XP-Pen's perfect jumping on point for digital artists, a XP-Pen Halloween discount would be a smart way for more creatives to get to grips with its products.

Anyone with experience in purchasing a XP-Pen product will be aware that decent discounts are very few . Considering these deals don't come along often, a XP-Pen tablet Halloween discount is a valuable opportunity for budget-conscious buyers to click 'add to basket'.

There are loads of products available, so we've highlighted some of the XP-Pen Halloween deals we've found below.

A 23% discount XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro fully laminated Pen display with tilt sensitivity

XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro features 8 fully customizable shortcut keys and Red Dial which can improve work efficiency . 8 shortcut keys put more customization options at your fingertips. The innovative Red Dial interface breaks through the traditional pen display design for optimal efficiency.

Artist 12 Pro provides better working environment. The 11.6 inch full-laminated IPS Display pairs a superb color accuracy of 72% NTSC?100% sRGB ) with 178 degrees of visual angle .Comes with a replaceable anti-glare optical film.

With Artist 12 Pro, you will enjoy a more naturally familiar drawing experience than ever before. The XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro supports 60 degrees of tilt function. Battery-free Stylus : 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Suitable for both right and left hand users.

Artist 12 Pro is easy to set up! Even for drawing beginners . Artist 12 Pro come with the AC 42 easy-to-use stand is built to prevent shaking or sliding and relieve eye fatigue and hand stiffness. Pull the support plate back, making it be adjusted to 20 degrees.Simply connect the Artist 12 Pro to your computer, you can sketch, paint, and design directly on the XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro's digital medium monitor surface!

Artist 12 Pro can work with and major graphics software such as Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Manga Studio, ketchBook Pro, Fire Alpaca,Zbrush, GIMP, Krita, SAI, openCanvas and many more . Compatible with Windows 10/8/7(32/64bit), Mac OS X version 10.10 or later.

Get 26% off XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro Drawing Tablet Monitor 21.5 inch with 16 shortcut keys

The XP-PEN Artist 22E Pro driver can support 4k displays. The custom-designed anti-reflective coating reduces glare by 56 percent .

21.5 inch display ; 1920×1080 resolution; Adobe Color Gamut Coverage: 77%-82%; 178° viewing angle. Stylus: 8192 levels pressure sensitivity. Helps you work more efficiently.

Directly draw, sketch, paint, design, and edit on the surface of your monitor. The Artist22E Pro can meet the needs of all types of digital artists at any skill level.

16 shortcut keys to maximize your productivity - Personally and Efficiently. Suitable for both left and right handed users . 
sturdy, ergonomically designed stand is slide-proof and will stay put through hours of use.

Supports Windows 7/8/10 and Mac Os x 10.10.x or later. Compatible with popular digital art software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Comic Studio, SAI, Zbrush, Medibang Paint, Toonboom Harmony etc

A 20% discount with XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro Pen Tablet Monitor with 92% Adobe RGB Colour Space

XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro Tablet 15.6 inch monitor has a 1080p resolution, and an ultra large viewing angle stability up to 178 °. Compared with other graphics monitors, the Adobe RGB color scale up to 92%. Its 4 and 9 Punktkalibration Mix with 8192 levels of pressure on, offers you unprecedented precision on your work .

A passive pen with latest design. P02S pen technology makes 8192 levels of pressure on, giving you ground breaking accuracy, to your creative output. the report rate (polling use rate) of the artist has left 16 Pro on 266 RPS (reports per second - queries per second) to work to draw lines flowing to both cartridge and faster and more effectively.

It has 8 adjustable quick access buttons. The driver allows you to adapt to different software: on/off switch; Menu/exit button/+ right button/ - Left button/down button. 
Adjustable angle stable stand(Detachable) design by Ergonomically.

The Artist 16 Pro Driver supports 4 K monitors, the latest Multifunctional Pen Holder. It can safely store your pen, pen and USB receiver.

It supports Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.8x or later. It is also compatible with the popular programs for drawing - Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Comic Studio, SAI, ZBrush, Medibang paint, Toon boom Harmony, etc.

Up to 30% off with XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 Android Drawing Tablet with tilt sensitivity

Sufficient Working Space-The Deco 01 V2’s expansive tablet is big and brilliant, yet still designed to break through the limit between shortcut keys and drawing area. 10 x 6.25-inch working area, so you get more space to create or get work done.

Tilt Supported-Deco 01 V2 supports up to 60 degrees of tilt brush effect and delivers smoother and more natural lines and strokes, while also giving you the ability to add shading to your creation

Android Supported-supports connections with Android Phones and Tablets 6.0 and above. It is compatible with most major software including: ibis Paint X, FlipaClip, Medibang, Autodesk Sketchbook, Zenbrush, Artrage, and more.

Battery-free Stylus and 8 shortcut keys-The 8192 levels of instant pen pressure sensitivity?Providing you with groundbreaking control and fluidity to expand your creative output. No charging required. The eight, round, customizable shortcut keys that fits easily to your finger tip. With its blind spot reduction design, you can find the position of your express keys efficiently and the shortcut keys can be programmed to many different software programs.

Wide Compatibility-The Deco 01 V2 can be used with Windows 10/8/7, MAC OS X 10.10 and above and Android 6.0 and above. This tablet is compatible with many major designer software such as Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, and more .

Up to 30% off XP-Pen Deco 03 Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet 10 x 5.62 inch

A Beloved Multi-function Red Dial Design! Utilize our multi-function dial by rotating its front and side. Easy to control with no friction.

Wired and wireless capability: Simply plug the included ISM 2.4G USB receiver into your computer to draw wirelessly, or connect the Deco 03 to your computer with the included USB cable for standard wired use.

8192 levels of pen pressure: latest P05 stylus increased to 266 RPS, making lines flow smoother and perform better, works faster and efficiently. Latest Multi-function Pen Holder. It can keep your pen, pen nibs and USB receiver safe. You can use it as a pen stand and pen holder.

10 x 5.62 inch working area, thickness is only 8mm. It is the standard thickness of all high level graphic tablets. 6 fully customizable shortcut keys,blind spot reduction design.Designed for both right and left hand users.

Support Windows 10/8/7(32/64bit), Mac OS X version 10.10 or later.. Compatible with many drawing software programs like Photoshop, Manga Studio, CorelPainter, SketchBook Pro, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Fire Alpaca,Zbrush, GIMP, Krita, SAI, openCanvas and more.

Up to 30% off XP-Pen Deco 02 A4 Large Digital Art Tablet

User friendly: XP-PEN Deco 02 is designed for both right and left hand users. Six round, customizable shortcut keys that fit easily to your finger tip for creating a highly ergonomic and convenient work platform.

Improve work efficiency: The drawing tablet XP-PEN Deco 02 streamlines your workflow by its sleek newly designed silver roller with hollow mirror.

Easily control: 10 x 5.63 inch working area. Perfect digital drawing pad for beginners :Easily control, yet large enough to focus on details. 9mm thick: easy portability.

Stylus: A unique hexagonal design, partial transparent pen tip, and an eraser at the end. The new advanced P06 passive pen was made for a traditional pencil-like feel! With its non-slip & tack-free flexible glue grip, you will not brush it with the edge of your thumb and accidentally switch to the erase tool halfway through a drawing and have to undo. 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, accelerate your every stroke for fast and fluid performance.

Compatibility: The drawing tablet XP-Pen Deco 02 supports Windows 10/8/7(32/64bit), Mac OS X version 10.10 or later. Also compatible with many major designer software such as Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, and more. One year warranty for XP-Pen product.

A 20% discount with XP-Pen Deco 01 Beginner Digital Drawing Tablet

XP-PEN Deco 01 drawing tablet comes with 10*6.25 active drawing area provides large creative space for digital art creativity, with fully bonded scratch-free film offers smooth and intuitive drawing experience without leaving any scratch on the surface.

8192 level of pressure sensitivity passive stylus pen features to draw lines and brush of any weight with pressure that you apply to the pen, battery-free pen requires no charging at all, ergonomic design makes the drawing even more natural and precise.

High performance drawing tablet with powerful IC chips built-in increase the refresh rate up to 266RPS, ensure a virtually no lag drawing when working with the pen stylus; Driver program compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OSX computers and laptop, supports creative software such as Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Zbrush, Krita, Gimp, Sketchbook.

8 customizable shortcut keys simply fits for every work flow, improves the efficiency for digital art creation by adapting to your frequently used shortcut; One-toggle switch on the pen stylus simply switch from Draw and Erase with a finger click, easy to set up, efficient to use.

Simplicity in design with 8mm thickness provides ultra portability for designer, lightweight to carry around, equipped with latest USB C port, reversible to connect?4 LED light in the corner indicates the active drawing area. 12-Month hassle-free warranty service and full time customer support.

Up to 30% off XP-Pen Star G640S Android Holiday Gift Edition

XP-Pen G640S is designed ready for OSU! gameplay, drawing, painting, sketching, e-signatures, and more?For OSU! gameplay, there is no need to install any additional driver. XP-Pen G640S ready for plug and play action. With the enhanced response rate of your stylus, you will never miss a beat.

Features 6 x 3.75 inches of screen space that fully-utilizes our 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity. Experience even finer-tuned precision and razor sharp accuracy right at your fingertips.
Features 6 round customizable shortcut keys, housed right at your fingertips for quick access to customize and optimize your workflow, At 9mm thick, XP-Pen G640S is slim for portability and easy on-the-go use,XP-Pen G640S is designed for both right and left hand users.

The XP-Pen Battery-Free Stylus Pen is the perfect replacement for the traditional mouse! All our stylus pens require no charging, allowing for endless, uninterrupted drawing and gaming,8.A simple, one-click toggle button on the pen allows you to seamlessly switch between the pen and eraser functions.

Now comes with 20 replacement nibs. XP-PEN G640S V2 now supports connections with Android devices 6.0 and above, Windows 10/8/7(32/64bit), Mac OS X version 10.10 or later operating systems and is compatible with most major creative software programs.

How to get the best XP-Pen deals

Get More deals coupon Details about XP-Pen Brand in united kingdom you can follow XP-Pen UK social media from facebook , twitter , Instagram. you can download the driver or get more new product information from their Globe official site - .

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